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LPGUK aim to offer you the best post possible price in your area, without compromising in service and customer care.

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Why should I compare energy suppliers?

It pays to shop around and look for deals online. Often, customers sign up to an introductory rate and then fail to review the deal, towards the end of the contract period. This means, you might not be benefitting from the best rates.

LPG UK will not only let you know before your deal expires, it will offer you a resign deal well before the old one expires, so you should never have to pay a standard rate. Our simple system aims to deliver excellent service at the best possible price per litre for LPG, in your area.

Who is the cheapest LPG supplier?

The cheapest LPG supplier will often depend on your location and your energy usage. LPG UK looks at your location and offers the best wholesale rate direct to you, based on your location and your usage. 9 times out of 10 enquiries, customers sign up and move to us for cheaper LPG but only you can decide by getting a quote.

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Is it difficult to switch energy supplier?

Many people feel it is difficult and time consuming to switch, but it’s really not. We can do all the hard work for you, all we need is two things. Your acceptance of the price and term we offer and your signed agreement. That’s it. Simple as that.

Lots of people in the UK fail to switch at the end of their contract because they are busy or fear it’s a complicated process.This is why so many people are stuck on standard rates.

Fill in our enquiry form and let us save you money and make it easy to switch.

Are you an energy comparison site?

No, we are a specialist LPG supplier and have our own plant. We are able to offer the best deals direct to public through our LPG UK site which is a division of Equal Response t/as Extra Gas.

We keep a close eye on the market and ensure our prices are better than the competition. Get a price from us to see how much you can save today.

Under contract with another supplier?

Once you have decided to proceed with us you need to sign the NOTICE 1 document and return to us. Your transfer will be completed within 42 days. At this point your current supplier will inform us if there are any contractual obligations.

Do you have any tank monitoring facilities?

Yes, we can offer tank monitoring facilities which notify you when levels reach certain points, so you can order in plenty of time.

In addition, we offer automated refilling solutions to make sure your tank never runs out. As it reaches a certain level, it auto orders and a tanker will com and fill your tank.